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Initiation into Essence

Additional Counselling Support 

During the course you may wish to have additional support with your process and inquiry. The counsellors supporting this course are listed below have completed their Working with People Essential Counselling training with us and maintain their certification, along with many additional professional qualifications and modalities. The course supporters, Rani and Pratiti are people of heart and integrity, and we encourage you to contact them if you are wanting additional one-to-one support. 

Sessions are available in English,  Spanish, French and Italian. Sessions are offered online via video link.

Rani Bossot 

“Transform Yourself, Transform the World”   Turiya Hanover


Rani is a certified SIAF Holistic Counsellor and an Integrative Somatic Psychology® Practitioner who has been deeply involved in the Path Of Love for over 20 years as both a facilitator and organiser.  Presence, inquiry, meditation, the joy and the curiosity to find the truth are the essence of her work. 

Rani has over 3 decades of training in Humanistic and Somatic therapies and is:

  • a certified Holistic Counsellor-Professional (SIAF),

  • an ISP® Practitioner: Integrative Somatic Psychology, Raja Selvman Ph.D.

  • a certified Facilitator for Path Retreats: Path of Love, Awakening Of Love

  • an Essential Counsellor with Working with People Trainings

ranisquare copy_edited.jpg

Rani's counselling specialises in Relationships - Inner Child; Early Attachment; Male-Female Dynamics; Inner Man – Inner Woman; Counselling of the Heart (Dr.Fritjof Kraft);  as well as certified in many Bodywork Arts since 1990.

In her groups and sessions, Rani uses Body oriented therapy including the Enneagram, Essence work, Emotional Release, Somatic Resourcing, Self-Reflection and Object Related Therapy.  Natural unfoldment, acceptance of what is, strength and vulnerability, emotions and feelings, shadow and light… all is welcome.


She is a seeker at heart and carries passion for life with compassion and kindness, the courage to be alive!

Online sessions can be held in English and French. 

“Acknowledge the Wave, But Stay with the Ocean”  Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Pratiti Meunier.jpg

Pratiti Meunier 


Pratiti is a Somatic Experiencing® - Trauma Healing Practitioner (SEP), Essential Counsellor (WWP), meditator & traveler.  She is trained in Somatic Experiencing®, Trauma Healing and Working with People – A Psychology of Awakening and in Relationship Counselling with Turiya Hanover & Rafia Morgan. Pratiti is a fan of Assisted Inquiry as a major tool to support a deeper dive into our Being.

After completing her Law studies in Chile and a Master Degree in Environment, Development and Society at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, she was studied Reiki, Bach Flowers, Dance, ArtTherapy, Bodywork therapy and Ayurvedic massage. 

Pratiti has worked with Path of Love since 2012 and is part of the Awakening

of Love Serbia team and supports the SE Training Croatia, Poland and India since 2018 and is a member of:

  • SIAF Italia, professional association for Holistic Counsellors.

  • EASE, European Association for Somatic Experiencing®

  • AISE, Associazione Italiana Operatori di Somatic Experiencing

She is passionate about supporting people and their capacity to heal, transform, improve and embrace this journey called Life.

Online sessions can be held in English, Spanish, French and Italian


There is nothing more sacred than being Human.

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