Dimensions of Being presents


Initiation into Basic Trust:
The Essence of Living Daylight

An Online Teaching Retreat
Rafia and Turiya

August -September  2022

This journey is about the astounding relationship between Trust and Universal Love.

In this 5 part online programme we are going to look at our individual consciousness in relation to a larger consciousness, a dimension of Life which is all pervasive, always present and which permeates this existence with Beauty and Unconditional Love. That Dimension is known in the world of Essence as Living Daylight.


Our capacity to sense and consciously participate in that dimension has much to do with our capacity to trust. We call that capacity Basic Trust. In truth we all have Basic Trust but our relationship to it, its manifestation and influence on the way we live our lives and perceive the world is different in all of us due to differences in what we have experienced and how we were supported as we grew up. However it is very possible, with courageous, truth-loving inquiry to heal the wounds of Basic Trust and experience this universe as a loving and benevolent place.

Developing Basic Trust is in no way a strategy to spiritually-bypass any of the challenges, conflicts, feelings, horror and damage that is happening on our planet right now. The wars, the environmental shifts, the violence and destruction that we are all exposed to is there to be seen and felt and of course it very often brings up deep personal mistrust and resignation that this world is anything but a benevolent and loving place. And yet as we open up our consciousness, develop and experience presence on an embodied level, Basic Trust emerges to the point where regardless of external events, we sense and know we are held in Love, accepted and Blessed. 


Basic Trust manifests as a belly-centered wisdom that lets our soul relax.

"Basic trust is not a trust in some thing, some person, or some situation, and so is not readily diminished by life circumstances. Instead, it gives you an implicit orientation toward all circumstances that allows you to relax and be with them. You feel in your bones that you are and will be okay, even if the events at the moment are disappointing or painful, or even completely disastrous..."

A.H. Almaas

This course is designed to explore and establish Basic Trust within yourself and to recognize and sense

the presence of Living Daylight which will help you to:


  • Live from a more grounded, relaxed, loving and spacious presence that embodies and transmits the beauty of  Living Daylight

  • Understand more fully how our capacity to self-develop has very much to do with our early-life issues regarding Basic Trust

  • Enable you to work with issues regarding Basic Trust (For counsellors and therapists)

  • Have new relevant skills available to compassionately support people dealing with high levels of mistrust.


Basic Trust is not blind trust. It is rather a capacity in ourselves to open up to things we need to face in ourselves, to the unknown and the world around us with grounded presence and the capacity to sense the boundless dimension of Living Daylight.

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Module 5: Love, Trust & Holding
September 24 & 28th

The more we experience trust the more fluid and open our inquiry into our lives becomes. To go deep generally requires the trust that there is someone or something present which holds and helps us. We need a holding environment to be able to ask basic important questions about ourselves and Life. Without this Love and trust that we will be okay whatever we find, we generally cannot and will not go deep in our inquiry. Living Daylight brings the tender loving presence that gives the sense of being held and cared for by the Universe.


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The structure of the course will be:

  • 5 Live online teaching sessions will be delivered in 3-hour sessions over 5 weeks from August 27 -September 28th 2022.  

  • Each session includes participatory experiences of  Inquiry and Guided Meditation, plus 30 min. breaks to support your learning and wellbeing. 

  • All sessions will be recorded and available to watch if you are unable to make a live session. 

  •  A 90 min. midweek session  with Rafia or Turiya for our Southern Hemisphere participants to experience inquiry and meditation.

  • Downloadable Resources will include reading handouts, articles and additional course materials.  

  •  At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion for the course.


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Living Daylight, this tender and loving presence, is experienced as the origin of all states of consciousness,

as well as the origin of everything. If this loving presence is seen as the true nature of everything that exists, the universe is seen as benevolent since it is made up of benevolence, and is therefore something you can trust.

The soul feels held by the universe, taken care of in a loving, appropriate way, provided for, supported and loved.

A.H. Almaas

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In our experience, only when we bring psychological and spiritual work together is true transformation possible. This synthesis truly enhances deep and lasting growth.


With this approach we discover that every emotional and psychological issue is actually a potential doorway to grounded and embodied awakening.

Rafia and Turiya,
Founders of Path of Love 
and Working with People Trainings